Friday, December 2, 2022
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PKL Auction 2022 Stats: Amount Spent, Positions, Target

Here is the quick view on PKL Auction Stats Bengal Warriors Playing position  Spent Remaining Positions they will target Maninder Singh Raider 9526143   Full Defence Manoj Gowda Raider 1333264   Support Raiders Akash Pikalmunde Raider 1870000     Vaibhav Bhausaheb Garje Right Cover 878460     Suyog Baban Gaikar Raider 878460     R Guhan Raider 878460     Parshant Kumar Raider 878460     Total Players 7 16243247 27756753             Bengaluru Bulls Playing position  Spent Remaining Positions they will target Saurabh Nandal Right Corner 3750000   Raiders Mahender Singh Left Cover 2883603.6     More GB Raider 1218597.6     Mayur Kadam Right Cover   ...


Record Breaking Ronaldo

Record Breaking Ronaldo Ronaldo scored twice against Hungary breaking several records, we look at the number of records Ronaldo broke yesterday. First to play in 5...

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